"To see, and enabling to see, opening doors to what is there of contemporary projects, “auteur” architecture and of so many different past eras, the classics. The aim is to give people the opportunity to get to know eight centuries of this enchanting and colourful city, based in an uneven topography that hides startling places."

Fernando Sanchez Salvador

Lisboa Open House

Held in cities like London, New York or Buenos Aires, this initiative was created in 1992 by Victoria Thornton with the aim of giving a wider audience the opportunity to get to know spaces of great architectural and cultural value. A growing number of cities all around the world are joining the Open House Worldwide, always with the same premise, to open their doors during one weekend per year.

In 2012, Open House arrived in Lisbon through the Lisbon Architecture Triennale and has since established itself in the city as a successful event, gathering large crowds and interest.

In its first edition, all expectations were surpassed: 13.918 visits in an itinerary that included 54 spaces. The second edition took place in 2013 and reached 15.731 visits, with an increased itinerary of 60 spaces.

This is a unique opportunity to visit and discover spaces that show the decisive role of architecture in people’s lives and are an example of the value of our built heritage. An event for a wide audience that teaches our History through guided tours made by a team of dedicated volunteers or by the authors themselves. From palaces to private homes or from schools to churches, on this weekend spaces that become accessible to all, during two days, can be discover.

Lisbon Open House 3rd Edition - 2014

Lisbon Open House returns on the weekend of 11th and 12th of October 2014 and opens its doors to 27 new spaces in a total of 70 locations.

In this edition, we suggest an extensive program of routes and guided tours. The selection of spaces is based not only in its cultural and architectural importance but also in the diversity of typologies and eras. Exterior routes and neighborhood visits are also part of the program and offer a comprehensive perspective of Lisbon’s growth and urban layout, in different stages of its history.

From Parque das Nações (Park of the Nations) to Algés, from the riverfront of the Tagus to the Avenidas Novas (New Avenues), from Mouraria to Benfica, the options are growing more and more: the only thing left to do is choose.

How It Works

Every space in the itinerary has free entry. During this weekend the public can visit a group of architecturally significant spaces in the city. We count on a vast team of volunteers present in each location to give information, advice and accompany visits.

No booking is required in the majority of the spaces so visits are organized by order of arrival. Nevertheless, due to their characteristics, some spaces demand a pre-booking, which should be made by telephone, email or online (e.g. Eventbrite). You can find the information on each place page.

The doors are open: come in and be part of this experience!


The Lisbon Architecture Triennale is a non-profit organization that has as a mission to investigate, stimulate and promote thought and practice on architecture, organizing every three years a great forum of debate, thought and promotion that crosses subject and geographical frontiers.

In the scope of its mission, the Triennale organizes other initiatives, such as Lisbon Open House, run by simple but challenging principles: a non-profit organization shows, gratuitously, architecture of excellence to the general public. So, this way, we justify that the Triennale organizes an event of this nature.


THANK YOU VERY MUCH to the partners and sponsors that allow us to improve each edition, to the spaces that open their doors to the public, to the amazing volunteers that offer their time so that this project can happen, and to you for participating in this event.

SPECIAL THANK YOU to the owners, hosts, authors and their representatives; to the tour guides and volunteer instructors, to everyone that has made this event possible.


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